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Brazil and China sign visa facilitation agreement

Publicado: Segunda, 18 de Setembro de 2017, 11h38 | Última atualização em Segunda, 18 de Setembro de 2017, 11h40

Permission for entry of tourists of both countries become valid for 5 years. Measure meets actions of the “Brazil More Tourism Plan”


02 08 17 aeroporto Bob
Photo: Roberto Castro/ Ministry of Tourism

World’s most populous country and largest emissary of international tourists, China signed a visa facilitation agreement with Brazil during a visit of a Federal Government delegation to the Asian country, which ended last week. The measure is an important boost for the Brazilian government to achieve Brazil More Tourism Plan’s intended goal of attracting 12 million foreign visitors until 2022.

 “This is the goal we are looking to achieve in the next years. Brazil More Tourism Plan predicts travel visa facilitation, precisely to increase tourist flow. Brazil is the first country in natural attractions, according to this year’s World Economic Forum and the eighth in natural resources, although it doesn’t receive the number of tourists compatible with this potential”, claims the Minister Marx Beltrão. 

In 2016, more than 130 million Chinese traveled around the world; however little more than 50 thousand chose Brazil as destination. The World Tourism Organization shows that travel visa facilitation is an important initiative to strengthen the sector. “Travel visa facilitation is a priority because there is research showing that through this facilitation there will be more tourists, more income and jobs”, defends Sandra Carvao, communication director of WTO.

In the agreement signed between the Chinese and Brazilian government, tourist visas are valid for five years, allowing multiple 90-day stay entries, renewable for up to 90 days, every 12 months. The new rules become effective on October 1st. Prior to the agreement, visas were generally valid for three months.

The Ministry of Tourism also accredited that 316 Brazilians agencies are eligible to receive Chinese tourists in Brazil in 2017.  The agencies’ registration is mandatory according to national legislation and follows determination of the Chinese government.

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